Pioneers in Solid-State Optical Sensing Systems

Enabling mass-production 5D LiDAR

for the autonomous future

Sense the world in 5D

OURS has invented a high-performance optical sensing system that enables real 5D vision (XYZ-Reflectivity-Velocity) in every pixel. Enriched sensor data accelerates and enhances machine perception pipelines for the autonomous future.

Velocity View
OURS Solid-State 
LiDAR Wafer
Designed to scale

By leveraging mature silicon technologies, OURS solid-state 5D LiDAR achieves high performance, low cost, and high-volume production. OURS LiDAR integrates a complex photonic system into silicon, enabling the smallest form factor and highest reliability.

Inherent interference immunity

OURS 5D LiDAR is inherently immune to all sources of interference, including sunlight or LiDAR-congested environments. 


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