Integrated Photonics

Based on a novel system architecture, OURS 5D LiDAR integrates software-defined solid-state beam-steering and coherent transceivers onto a small yet powerful integrated photonic chip. 

Leveraging standard CMOS processes and state-of-the-art datacom and telecom capabilities, OURS LiDAR delivers ultimate scalability, performance, and reliability. 


OURS 5D LiDAR uses advanced frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) technology to generate high-resolution 5D point clouds (XYZ-Reflectivity-Velocity). Unlike conventional Time-of-Flight (ToF) systems, which have ultra-high peak laser power, FMCW uses low-power CW laser sources to truly unlock the full potential of integrated photonics.

OURS 5D LiDAR utilizes the Doppler effect to directly measure the velocity of every pixel with exceptional resolution. 


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